What is a legend?

This is a person who meets the following creteria:.
  • The person has lived on Earth in the past before the creation of countingstars.fr website.
  • The person has contributed to peace and brotherhood in his lifetime
  • His contribution has a positive impact on humanity today
  • He has offered the knowledge and conditions to reach a place of peace and brotherhood on earth and has dedicated everything to it.
Jean Jaurès: Story of a Titan
The legend is on the way...
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It only takes one
Jean Jaurès demonstrated that a life of uprightness and perseverance made it possible to keep the peace, even alone in the face of all.
From modest origins, he climbed the social ladder. He reached a higher level of erudition and entered politics with the aim of emancipating the working class.
He is an example that modest condition is not a limitation, and that the highest aspirations can be achieved.

Thanks to his ability to respect and listen to others, he knew how to bring together differences and turn them into a collective force.
With hindsight, he was a man of great lucidity. From the outset, he foresaw the danger of alliances with Tsarist Russia, which itself had alliances with unstable Balkan zones that did not concern France, but which could lead to war. He warned that war would wreak human damage on an industrial scale, for such were the times. His vision of socialism differed from Marxist socialism in that it advocated class unity rather than class struggle. And neither the state nor major capital were to be the exclusive owners of companies. When adhesion was not possible, he had the wisdom to withdraw. The wise man does not sacrifice truth to obtain what he hopes for. He prefers to wait for the facts to prove him right.
So Jean Jaurès had finally gained the workers' support, which he would use to go on strike if war with Germany and its allies broke out. Thanks to this, he could invite the European leaders of workers' parties to follow his example. Could any labor leader have taken the risk of assuming support for war when faced with the pacifism of French workers? Jean Jaurès knew that the war would be an industrial one, and he used his position as a labor leader to hold industry hostage in order to avoid war. For the war to happen, Jaurès had to be got rid of. Even if the war had started without his disappearance, he would have had it stopped when his predictions proved true and the illusions of a short, simple war came to an end.
Moreover, he intended to position the American president in 1914. In this way, he was about to take the wind out of the sails of Machiavellian strategists whose aim was to give victory to the side that would obtain the commitment of the United States of America to their side. But after his assassination, rather than salute his bravery by bringing his work to fruition, no one objected to what so many wanted: to relieve themselves in a murderous impulse of hatred. And the world experienced its first world conflict in living memory. 19 million dead.
Teachings from the life of Jaurès

. Jaurès' actions teach us that war is not inevitable. It is the choice of small minorities who take a country, and sometimes the world, with them. Resentment towards an enemy cannot be dissipated in a war. Jaurès knew this, and nobody could stand up to him on this point. After his assassination, the country chose to give in to resentment. The country chose to forsake dignity, lucidity and appeasement to experience industrial warfare. Then, faced with the war's appalling toll, the country chose not only to humiliate and butcher the vanquished, but to exonerate Jaurès's assassin and condemn Jaurès's family to legal costs. Rather than acknowledge the wisdom of Jaurès and recognize our own unconsciousness, the country persisted in venting its ever-present resentments and signed its unconsciousness despite the dramatic facts. Isn't this denial a form of madness? Wasn't a new, even more dramatic conflict logical or inevitable in the face of such stubbornness? Jean Jaurès was so clear-sighted, so determined, that the country preferred to disown him and let itself go in the pride of its resentments. In this way, Jean Jaurès offered his country the choice of provoking the Second World War, and thus its share of responsibility for the horror.
In 1919, France had the opportunity to recognize its mistakes and take steps to ensure that they never happened again. Some will say that many people recognized Jaurès's work. It has been said that Jaurès was assassinated a second time during the trial of his killer. The remains of Jean Jaurès are now in the Panthéon. True, but what did they do beyond words? Did they want peace for the future, or to be proven right? The fact is, the sum of all these partisans failed to muster the determination and action of the Jean Jaurès of 1914 alone. Today, resentment is still used to wage war. Particularly in Libya. Resentment against Libya's leader was hammered into us by the media until we were convinced that war would put an end to it. As in 1919, France participated in the destruction and despoiling of a country that had surrendered. Worse, it had done nothing. The resentment was illusory. Libya was prosperous and now there are slave markets. Many politicians revindicating the legacy of Jaurès voted for war in Libya. And you, do you still think that we've freed Libya from a creep at its head? Don't you understand that you've been fooled by the war's supporters, with catastrophic consequences? Do you accept this despicable deception? Do you feel powerless?
In ancient times, King Leonidas showed the Greek world that 300 Spartans could stop an Persian invading army of a million warriors. The sacrifice of these300 men was not in vain, for the Greeks understood that by rallying around their ideals, they would be determined and numerous enough to face the invaders on the battlefield once they were in the heart of Greece. The Greek world stood up to the invaders, and it was the tremendous victory of Marathon. Jaurès, like a modern-day Leonidas, showed that the war business and the media's power to stir up resentment are powerless against him. The countingstars.fr website aims to bring together supporters of peace in the spirit of Jaurès and say no to war, and above all, no to what happened with Libya in 2011. This is the new battle of Marathon, with the determination and non-violent means of Jaurès. The refusal to learn the lessons of the First World War led to the Second and its catastrophes. Not reacting to the abuses inflicted on Libya has already led, and will continue to lead, to even greater catastrophes for all the peoples involved, and there are many of them. On the contrary, confronting and repairing would bring peace and prosperity to all.

Written by The conscious man, initiator of countingstars.fr
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