What is the Codex Aquarius?

This is a book series that aims to explain the great problematics faced by humanity for a wide audience to understand them.
Volume 1 addresses the issue of peace. Its necessity, how to get there, and what it will bring.
The name is inspired and in homage to Leonardo da Vinci, whose understandings, ideas and knowledge have been transmitted to us in Codex.
This book is a key to understanding the world, from a French point of view. That is to say that studied phenomena and events are happening or have happened in France. But certain phenomena are common to many other countries. And France is not isolated from the rest of the world, so what is happening in France has origins and consequences in other places of the world. Their understanding should also apply elsewhere. Everyone can feel concerned.
This book wants to lead you to decide to enter a new era of peace.
This book offers answers to many questions or expectations so far without intelligible answers. For example, many French people wonder why they can't make ends meet. And the more we advance in time, the more difficult it is, and, the more they are numerous in this situation.
A purpose of this book is to send a ray of hope to Libya, currently in desolation, a hope for apologies and repair.
This book is not intended to prove. This book aims to explain. The facts or figures given in this book may be approximate or even false. It is not the intention and it is not very important. These are examples to illustrate an explanation. We can also oppose counterexamples. But we must focus on wanting to understand the meaning behind an example. You are free to go deeper to form your opinion or fill your need for certainty. You have a key to open a door, and only you can use it to unlock and pass through it.
Your engagement on this site only applies to peace. You do not need to join or understand what is written in this book to register.
The book wants to confort your reason for listening to your heart.
Finally, after reading this book, if you still do not want to become one of the stars of this site, you have a forum to share your doubts and concerns. But, if you are French, before you turn your back on us, we want to ask you the questions:
What are you going to do for Libya and the Libyans who have been attacked in our name and our values ​​and who are still suffering? Is there anything more appropriate than saying: "We will do what we can to prevent this from happening again"? Can we just say "sorry", and ignore that it continues at their land and elsewhere? Shouldn't we make a sign of understanding of their pain, before asking for forgiveness? Of course, many other things can be done. But, can't you do that one too?