The Plan for Peace

The main idea is that in order to no longer wage war, one must also no longer have the means to wage it. It is a question of bringing the aim and the means into conformity. It is therefore appropriate to initiate this movement by starting by renouncing the most destructive weapons which are already and also an immediate risk with fatal consequences.
This site and the author of Codex Aquarius are of French origin, they therefore ask that France renounce its nuclear weapons. They cannot ask another nation to do so until theirs has accomplished it. "Do what I say, not what I do" is not possible if we want to get as many people as possible and succeed. You should also know, as explained in the Codex Aquarius volume 1 book, that the context is favorable for France to take this step.
However, the problem of peace concerns everyone. Help from around the world is requested to convince the French to give up their most destructive weapons. What is required for a French person is technically no more complicated than signing a petition. But in psyschism, there are chains to break to take the plunge. Also, it is desired of a person of another nationality who does not necessarily have the psychic barriers of the French, to help the French take the plunge.

Either by finding the words, gestures or emotions to convince them.

Either by reassuring them concretely that they risk nothing. Open your door for a while, if fear prevents them from taking the plunge.

People of the Earth, you can offer the best of yourself through artistic creations, donations, help and wonder until your friends, your meetings, your spectators, ask you: "Why are you doing this? How do you shine so much? You can answer: "But for our greatest gift, peace. Become a star too, it's pretty simple. Give me that too."
Thus, all the lights of the world turn to a single place which will light up. It is like in some solar power plants where the light sources are projected at a point to produce enough heat to exploit it. With all this light, France will then be able to clearly see the dead end in which it finds itself and decide to shift into reverse. France will then be able to radiate and restore the light that has set it on fire. And other nations will glow. It will be a giant laser on a planetary scale. The shadow will disappear. This is why, for a very long time, the shadow has been trying to stifle all light, as soon as it emerges. Everything is played in the early days, everything is playing now.
You would think that humanity is slowly advancing towards this sweet dream of lasting peace. So you just have to wait, that it will eventually happen. But that's not to mention that the shadow does not remain passive. Long and patient efforts are wiped out with a murder, a war. It's so easy on people who are hesitant to roll them back. On the other hand, do we have time to wait? before an irreversible catastrophe which would make us go back very very far back, even which would make us disappear. What should we still endure and cause pain? to say simply, that's enough.
The plan is based on simple, common sense principles:
  • a small effort made by a large number of people.
  • the path and the destination are in adequacy.
  • Everyone is invited to participate.
  • Use the means we have: among others: reason, heart, music and all forms of art.
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