Amazing songs

It is astonishing to see how this initiative for peace meets the aspirations formulated in magnificent songs. Listen to them, let yourself be penetrated, share it. Music can reach places inaccessible to words, gestures or actions.
Counting Stars
Let's start with the song by the group Onerepublic, "Counting Stars". In this song is described the prayer of someone who thinks things could be much better, but he does not know how to do it. Everything has already been taught. He seeks to find. As everything looks so wrong, he then explains that money is just an illusion, and now we must draw lessons and count the stars.
Hammer to Fall
In the Queen song, "Hammer to Fall". It is said that the disaster will happen, that's for sure. Unless we can hear the message in time. This is detailed in the Codex Aquarius volume 1.
One Love
Bob Marley and the Wailers delivered "One Love" Bob invites us to unite to feel good. We are one, in Love. And he addresses in his compassion a message to the leaders of the powers capable of destroying the world. "What will be your place once you have seriously injured all of humanity? You may not believe it, but we are only One. You will feel it when it is too late. How can you recover from such a crime? Let’s come together to make the Armageddon a holy and happy event. "
Né en 17 à Leidenstadt
The apprehension of Jean-Jacques Goldmann in "Né en 17 à Leidenstadt" to know what we are inside of us is now a reality. We have not been spared by fate, each French must now answer the question: Do we consent to what happened in Libya? which is still pending today.
Then, Freddie Mercury, in his song "Time", tells us that time is running out. We should behave better towards each other. And to plan our hopes together to finally build a bright future. The forum on this site was made precisely to follow Freddie's suggestion. More details in the Codex Aquarius book.
In my Defence
Freddie Mercury, in his song "In my Defense", gives some explanations on his way of proceeding. For those who want more explanations, refer to the Codex Aquarius Tome 1.
You would have liked Freddie Mercury to be with us to listen to him now that we have opened our eyes. Well, even if he left us some time ago, he gave us the key to talk to him now, in the Queen song "Breakthru". It's possible, if you open your heart, you will receive what you expect.
The Miracle
Then there is the Queen song, "The Miracle". You have to believe it, for a miracle to happen. And Freddie talks indeed about the miracle of peace and the end of wars on Earth.
Calling all Girls
Finally, in the Queen song "Calling all girls", Freddie invites you to share the liberating message of Love around the world.
Video killed the Radio Star from the Buggles
Video is the latin word for "I can see", and the Radio Star refers to Freddie. So the song title means "I can see that Freddie has been killed".
Radio Gaga from Queen
The radio is the allegory of Freddie who sent positive waves to several teenage generation as testified Axel Rose, Guns and Roses lead singer.
Cheap Thrills from Sia
The song "Cheap Thrills" starts with a "Turn your radio on", means this song is from Freaddie and he is the girl who is making up for having fun with her audience.
Stole the Show from Kygo
In the Video Clip of the song "Stole The Show" from Kygo, the spacionaute at the party represents Freddie stoling the show at the Live Aid. He suicides at the end of the show.
Soul Brother from Queen
Freddie is singging that his soul brother is the savior of the world. It can be considered that he thinks that Jesus is his soulmate.
Listen to all these songs as openly as possible. Their melodious repetitions will come to question and penetrate the most hardened hearts.
"I wont't be a Rock Star, I will be a Legend." Freddie Mercury.