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French Stars: 11
Welcome to, The Place for settling Peace on Earth

This site allows you to engage yourself and humanity in the choice of peace.
To adhere to this initiative, this impulse for peace, you must simply renounce that security goes through nuclear weapons or weapons of equivalent impact. For historical reasons, France has to lead the initiative to renounce attacking other countries and show the way to drop nuclear weapons.

This success will have positive daily impacts for all of humanity.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace... I hope some day you'll join us" John Lennon

This success will avoid a disaster.

If you disagree or don't understand why, a book has been written to explain it to you. Songs were composed to move you and reach you.
If you are French, say it, on this site, and also so that we count ourself. The number is essential.
If you are not French, you must convince a French person to join this initiative. We count on you. We count you too. Find out more ...
Read the book
Listen to the songs
This choice must be shared by a large number but must require only a small effort from each. It takes just a small amount of courage and 10 minutes of your time to fill out a form.
Everyone is put before their conscience. As you have the possibility to do it, will you do it?

These are details that rock the course of existence.

We count here the people who make this choice and consider them as stars that light up the world with great hope. Hope that peace is a reality. The end of much suffering. We believe that it concerns a majority of humanity, and that this majority must say it and do it.
A forum is available on this site to exchange our hopes and our plans for peace and the new world which will result from it.
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