There are several ways and domains to contribute
The most important contribution is within yourself:
  • Try to have a peacefull attitude in any circumstances. Be the peace, be the message.
  • Trust what you have written in your peace message to the world. Believe it is becoming every day a little bit more a reality.
  • Remember in difficulties, silence is a great friend of peace.
You can act also according to the plan, by:
  • Be a star by registering on this site, to be counted among stars and express a message to the world.
  • Listening openly the songs, in order to be penetrated by their message and to slowly penetrate others.
  • Provoking questions from others.
  • Sharing the website.
You can also contribute to this website by:
  • Participating to the forum, suggesting new ideas, asking questions, answering, voting, commenting.
  • offering your skills and time to improve and maintain this website. Tell it in your profile settings, section contributions. Then, an administrator may ask your help. We espially needs software developpers, graphic designers, lawyers, translators... But tell us anything that might help. What you can provide is a combination of skills, time and motivation. You don't need to be at the top in the 3 domains.
  • Offering hosting ressources. More ressources will be required to address an increasing audience and registred stars. More features, like storing pictures, on the site requires more ressources. We need also redundancy for various reasons.