What is a legend?

This is a person who meets the following creteria:.
  • The person has lived on Earth in the past before the creation of countingstars.fr website.
  • The person has contributed to peace and brotherhood in his lifetime
  • His contribution has a positive impact on humanity today
  • He has offered the knowledge and conditions to reach a place of peace and brotherhood on earth and has dedicated everything to it.
Jesus: Story of a King
The legend is on the move...
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What's new to say on Jesus?
Jesus is coming back!
If Jesus said that he is coming back, it is because he is not going to come today among us, otherwise he would have said that he would come without the back of come back.
And so it is among his ones in the year 1 that he comes back stronger than before with the same obligatory passages as the multiplication of the loaves but with new challenges to form new disciples as Barnabas, Thomas and Mary-Cleopatra Ptolemy(1). Those who change the world of today. And yes, Thomas tells us since the manuscripts of Nag Hamani that Nicaea, the pope and the trinity is a bunch of crap(2). Thank you Thomas, there is no more mystery. The pope wanted to burn everything but it is written that everything will be revealed. Thomas does not say that Mary is Magdalene because she is Cleopatra but he reveals that she will be a man(3), so that she will not be dethroned by our blindness and stupidity. Don't you see who this man is, who this queen is? Queen? Why is there an e in Freddie(4)?
Jesus is coming back for Judah to make amends and replace him on the cross. For he who sets a trap must fall into it, think about it when you want to trap your brother.
There is no need to fight because everyone is right, first of all Muhammad alahi Salate wé Salam. And yes, Jesus and Judah went both to the cross because there were at least two versions of this, thank you Barnabas for telling us(5).
What is an obligatory passage in life where others will have to position themselves is a Nexus point. To believe or not to believe, to act or to let it happen, you have to choose. The rest, you are free. But beware, too many bad choices and you would have to come back as many times as necessary to fix everything.
So how many times has Jesus already come back?
How many others thought they were the son of God, like Bar Abbas, in Aramaic, which means son of the father?
That's a lot of people!
So the secret is that there are several lives of Jesus, that's why there are several gospels including Barnabas and Dowling Levi.
Why do we bother with the lives of Jesus and the nexus points?
Because this now is a Nexus point for your life. You will have to choose and act, to wake up because you are and will be judged on details. Will you be able to reach out to your brother, your sister and me?
If you don't, you will come back, it's up to you to ignore this warning and this Nexus point.
But without coming among us, how does Jesus help us today?
He communicates messages to certain receptive people to give us the keys to understanding our world(6).

Written by The conscious man, initiator of countingstars.fr
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(1): From the Aquarius Gospel of Dowling Levi during the initiation in Egypt. Download page.
(2): From the Gospel of Thomas, logion 30 "Where there are three gods, they are gods[=polytheists], where there are two or one, I am with him". Download page.
(3): From the end of the Gospel of Thomas, logion 114 . Download page.
(4): In French language, feminine name usually ends with an e.
(5): Gospel of Barnabas. Download page.
(6): The most detailed messages were transmitted in the form of letters, gathered together in a book entitled "The Christ Letters".