What is a legend?

This is a person who meets the following creteria:.
  • The person has lived on Earth in the past before the creation of countingstars.fr website.
  • The person has contributed to peace and brotherhood in his lifetime
  • His contribution has a positive impact on humanity today
  • He has offered the knowledge and conditions to reach a place of peace and brotherhood on earth and has dedicated everything to it.
Mkhael Omraam Aivanhov: Story of a Freeing Master
The legend is on the way...
Aivanhov Image
Promise Land
The step is too high
Jesus said "the kingdom of God is at hand. But Constantine and Justinian put an end to it. If you think all is forgiven, look at the year 536(1) and explain the plague of Justinian who exterminated the non-trinitarian Christians in 535. God then sent Muhammad to show that if you go too far you will be punished. God's forgiveness only makes sense if you risk punishment. I fear it and I behave well. This does not prevent me from asking for forgiveness for my mistakes and asking for help to repair them.
How do you discover warmth if everything is the same temperature everywhere? You need at least one place that is warmer or colder than the others, otherwise the experience of warmth is not possible.
You can't avoid it because you live in a world of duality that has polarities, but that's what makes it so tasty and beautiful.
You are no exception. There is in you selfishness and altruism, pride and humility. But you need an initiate to explain it to you and to tame these inner polarities. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is one of them. For him, your egotic personality is opposed to your Christic individuality(3) and it is the key to mastery to know how to reverse the domination of one over the other. If, unfortunately, you are not yet aware of this, you are certainly under the domination of the ego which deprives you of acceding to your superior nature: the Christ consciousness. To remedy this, start your day by listening to the thoughts of the initiate(2).
Tradition explains that the exit from Egypt by Moses is the exit from a land of perdition which prefigures the access to the promised land for humanity. A beautiful idea that you can follow is to see Omraam as Santa Claus, or a Moses of modernity on the spiritual level, taking us out of the current spiritual misery and perdition in order to guide us towards a great kingdom of universal fraternal peace: our gift is the golden age.
The step will then be very accessible for the kingdom of God on Earth.
For before he left, Omraam covered our backs by revealing to us that it would be new musicians who would change the world(4). He also offered us the secret of the 3 keys(5) that can open the gates to paradise on earth. Love, wisdom and truth. Freddie Mercury is the key to love, and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is the key to wisdom. It is up to us to look at the Truth and turn the key.
To do this, we must, as Jesus said, seek justice and the kingdom of God at the same time. As Freddie said, in order to become a Champion, you have to pay all your dues.
In the past, Christians let and helped Pope Innocent 3 to exterminate like barbarians other Christians: the Cathars. The plague came back. The same for the Muslims with Tamerlane and his pyramids of human skulls. We are not worthy of paradise if we cannot say no to certain unworthy things.
How close are we?
At 10 minutes...for 34 million French people. It is time to register so that the majority of French people say no to Libyan Injustice. It took 3 years for the first 11 people to sign up...
Written by The conscious man, initiator of countingstars.fr
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(1): 536 is known as the worst year for humanity, with 2 major volcano explosions who hide the sun during the year. The consequences were that there were no harvests, little fodder, famines, diseases, wars for food reserves and then the plague..
(2): From a conference explaininng the importance of knowing the personnality and individuality in human nature. (3): Mikhael Aivanhov Though of the day page.
(4): From a conference about a new paradigm on earth at time 19min20s. .
(5):The secret of the 3 keys explained.