Why are we living in a great time?

This epoch is a unique opportunity for all of us, because all our certainties are fading away and will be redefined. Our epoch, and by this I mean the whole of humanity living in the present time, is living the founding experience of Socrates: "I know that I know nothing". All the figures of authority we had are falling. The references we had to judge whether an act or a fact is true or right have failed.
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In France we have seen this with the government's health policy which explains, under the cover of the health authority, first of all, that the wearing of a mask is useless in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then a few weeks later, it became mandatory in all enclosed public places, and even outdoors in large cities.
For years, public health policy has been to close hospital bedrooms, which are too expensive. And a containment unprecedented in history is justified because there is not enough room in hospitals, causing a huge economic impact.
A drug that has been available on the open market for decades is suddenly banned from sale and even inaccessible to doctors who would like to give it to their patients. And yet, we have always been told that the doctor is the appropriate person to assess the risks and benefits of treatment for each patient. A fraudulent study is published in an internationally authoritative medical journal. And the government is using this fraudulent study to immediately ban the pandemic evaluations of this drug.
Just about this health crisis, government, health, and publication authorities have failed grossly.
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They are also contradicting themselves, by establishing a state religion superior to all others. They explained to us that freedom in France is above everything, even religions, and therefore they have forbidden to wear the veil, which has a religious connotation, in schools and other places. But is the veil very different from a mask? And now everybody has to wear it, whether they like it or not. Whereas at the beginning of the crisis there was no justification for this.

The figure of authority has fallen, but authoritarianism has taken hold.
Is this new? Is it located only in France? My opinion is that it is not. And in many other areas it is being verified. But it was less visible. But already in 2019, it was alarming enough that the subject was dealt with in a book: the Codex Aquarius Volume 1 . It describes how one can mislead or even manipulate by using the figure of authority. Here is an extract:

"In a rather pragmatic way, the power of the authority figure is abundantly used by the creation of scientific or medical committees subsidized by lobby groups to justify practices that are very lucrative for these lobby groups. This started with doctors who recommended that people should have a cigarette rather than a candy to cut their hunger. There has also been the practice, which continues, of promoting the benefits of fluoride for the teeth, while it is a toxic industrial waste, to sell it and introduce it into the drinking water systems.”
You may then think it's dramatic that we are being mislead to this extent. Well, it's better to look on the bright side. This is a unique opportunity to decide what is authoritative for us. Little by little we understand that what is currently in position of authority has no value, and therefore no legitimacy to authority. It is therefore an opportunity to choose new forms of authority. How to choose them? It is still a great opportunity to ask this question. Because everyone is led to wonder who or what I can rely on. You ask yourself this question, because consciously or not, you realize that you don't know. And it is a giant step for you, and for all of humanity to have the opportunity to do so at the same time.

To give you the importance of the progress that humanity is about to make, it is necessary to go back in history, 5 centuries before our era.
The Pythia of Delphi, who was an authority at the time in ancient Greece, had said that Socrates was the wisest of men. Socrates, surprised because he thought he knew not, had gone to listen to all the scholars of Athens and had noticed that they did not know either, but they believed the opposite. And history has retained the wisdom of Socrates. Western philosophy was born from this observation. Some men then began to think and philosophize to try to enlighten society. Today, it is not a question of one man and a few following him, but of all humanity simultaneously.
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So the unprecedented opportunity we have is to no longer rely on the authority figures we have inherited, but to choose right ones, valid only in the eyes of our inner self. We have the opportunity to choose the right ones if we ask ourselves the right questions inside. Actually, it is to ourselves that we return authority. Here, then, is the advice given by the Codex Aquarius to recognize the genuine figure of authority, the one to whom you will want to give credit. Extract:

"How then can we know if we can trust a figure of authority? Already, as much as possible, try to trust yourself. That is to say, make the effort to understand and verify what is given to you. But, it is true that it is not always possible. Therefore, there are points to be vigilant on. The person who is truly an authority in his field understands all the complexity of the issues and at the same time can see the simplicity of the principles that are at work. This person can explain very clearly what he understands regardless of the audience. He uses simple words to describe the essential principles if the audience is not from the field. And he can also discuss very subtle details with other specialists. He checks his own and others' answers to all questions. He is therefore also a hands-on person. He makes sure that his understanding remains valid to all the challenges presented to him. If necessary, he is able to reconsider everything. This person has the experience of building up knowledge and can therefore also dive into areas other than his own, because he will go to the heart of the understanding. For example, he may do a review in another field to identify flaws, without necessarily succeeding in resolving them. Leonardo da Vinci, the archetype of knowledge and learning, declared, "simplicity is the supreme complexity" and "the noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding". This is why true authority is very enthusiastic about his understandings and wishes to share them. It lifts you up. The impostor, aware of being or not, tells you what you have to believe, he uses negative emotions to dominate you (principle n°1), he lowers you by his titles and the use of incomprehensible terms, he loses you in his explanations when he deigns to give them. True authority cites others to give them back the credit for what they have transmitted. The usurper does this to justify himself and avoid explaining, and, to display knowledge. True authority informs about the perimeter and limits of his knowledge. Those who mislead you point out the limits of others without consideration for their contributions. False authority degrades peers or lowers you. It is not the title that tells you all these things. Anger is not a criterion either. For if you contradict or do not submit to a usurper, he can get very angry. And true authority rebels against lies, abuse, waste of public money and irresponsibility when it has dramatic consequences. And so, to conclude in one sentence, the authority that is not true authority will ask you to trust and obey, whereas true authority gives you the confidence to make the right decision"
Finally, here is a practical illustration of a new person of authority: Idriss Aberkane. His field of predilection is the neurosciences. He has the gift of communication and a very vast culture, although he is very young. I was able to realize his mastery in a field I know well, namely, the intelligence and efficiency of nature as a model for technology and ecology. When he talks about a subject, he is very clear and you understand, and even learn. He always pays tribute to the scientists of the subject he is explaining to us. He is able to go into different areas because his intelligence knows how to act where he puts his attention. I was initially impressed by his knowledge of mathematicians and their work, whereas he seems to come from the life sciences. He also masters, among other things, cryptomoney. And I was again surprised to discover that he has just claimed the solution of a great mathematical problem: the Syracuse conjecture. And he does not hesitate to question the figures of authority in place.

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This is a great time because you can now evaluate this new figure of authority that I am proposing to you. The authorities in place seem quite silent, as to approve or support him. Today, you can only rely on yourself to judge. It would take me a significant amount of time to evaluate his proof of the resolution of the Syracuse conjecture. So I cannot tell you that he is right. However, although I do not have this result, I pledge to say that he is one of my genuine authority figures, and that the criteria of the genuine authority figure in the Codex Aquarius and Idriss Aberkane are in conformity. The future will give us the confirmation.
To savor these times, start now to sketch an opinion on Idriss Aberkane and the Codex Aquarius. You have the opportunity to find out for yourself where the truth is. Once new healthy authorities will have replaced those that are now collapsing, they will transform the world, and it will be too late to judge whether you have the wisdom to recognize the valid ones. The mediocrity of today's authorities will have disappeared and therefore the challenge will be much less.
Addition: This man is so amazing that I wonder even if he is real! Are we building new men from virtuallity?
The lack of authorities are so huge that they appear virtually by themself? Are they real? Who have met them?
It is the same for Rav Ron Chayia and Mikhael Omraam Aivanhov.
Are we in such a time where people may appear, like the Pythia, in the time of Socrates?
Is it a kind of computation of all briliant ideas and attitudes managed by digital neural networks?
Is it human configured or automatic? Do they have parents? In the Saint Thomas Gospel, it is written that some people will not be borned from mother wombs.
Is it a machine world?
Personnally, I have a physical life in France.
Are we assisting to a take of control by machines especially favorable by this confinment
Is it really the president who is speaking? It is recommanded to ask for the fresh new paper of law before to obey."
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Written by "The Conscious Man", September 24th, 2020. Addition January, 14th 2021
Read the Codex Aquarius Volume 1